UPM offers a full-time programmes to qualified candidates with SPM/equivalent qualifications for Foundation for Agricultural Science programmes. Students of Foundation for Agricultural Science programmes will be staying in the Thirteenth College and some other residential colleges based on the total number of students enrolled for this Foundation Studies. Registration and further information about this program can be obtained through the following online applications as on the right side of your hand.


UPM offers full-time programmes to qualified candidates with STPM/equivalent, Matriculation/Foundation, Diploma/equivalent qualifications as these are entry requirements for its Bachelor Degree. Undergraduate students will be placed in the Thirteenth College based on quota set by the University.


The Thirteenth College also received placements for postgraduate students as long as they pursue their studies at UPM.

UPM provides online applications for UPM students, a variety of technology equipment and facilities to ensure the comfort for UPM students. Meanwhile, Thirteenth College supports the dream of UPM and realizes it by providing conducive, cheerful and clean of accommodation to help students in their learning growth.

The Thirteen College also receives reservations for staying in this residential college for undergraduates, postgraduates, outside agencies, other universities and so on if there is a council or program organized by the university at a certain rate. More details about the rates charged are available at the link on the right side of the site.

Every year, Thirteenth College students who have lived here will leave college and enter the real working industry. Hence, Thirteenth College Alumni are welcome to join and register with the UPM Alumni Association to continue to serve to the community in line with UPM's motto, "Knowledge and Dedication."

Not only that, the alumni of the Thirteenth College who have the expertise in their respective fields are welcome to fill in the Thirteenth College Alumni Form with the hope that any information provided may be used for re-contact for the programs organized by the Thirteen College, which may require supports from alumni(s) such as reunion program, talk with Ex-Officio MTM for every session and a relaxing program with students who are still in the Thirteen College. The access of the form can be found here.

Course Registration is a process of registration for each course of studies, and includes changes to the course of studies in the Sistem Maklumat Pelajar (SMP)
UPM took second place in the Student Talent Development Program 2017
Nasyid Competition IPT / MAKUM National 2017
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Organization Enhancement Workshop (KPO) 1 Has Ended
Serdang, 5 August 2017 - The camp to bolster student high council organization has officially ended as it was held for a week from the 30th of July to the 5th August. Among the objectives is to strenghten the student's organization in line with UPM aspiration to produce first class leaders. It is hoped that all planned and input gained from the programme can be implemented for the sake of pursuing success for 13th College - IHSAN TONGGAK KECEMERLANGAN # soaringupwards #k13flyhigh
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